There are many types of writers, as well as non-writers.

So many non-writers spend time researching, note taking, outlining, name making that they never really get down to putting the words together and finishing their book.  These ‘go getters’ are always going here and there — on Google, surfing writing sites, hitting bookstores — searching for inspiration and substance.  But they often are simply avoiding the reality of writing.

Writers write.  It is the essential moment when the words get down and the sentences flow and the paragraphs are built.  Writers write.

Setting a goal to write each and every day is a start in truly becoming a writer.  Try to set a minimum word count and make that happen routinely.  Put your butt in a chair, get your keyboard clacking and put your brain and fingers in sync.

Goal setters:  What goals do you set that get you writing?  What would you recommend to the ‘go-getters’ to help them start writing and keep writing daily?